Shaving with Daddy


We had a pretty busy Father's Day, but it was still nice. I made Hart french toast, then laughed because I realized that I'm terrible at making French Toast. That's my husband's specialty, really! Thankfully, my husband didn't care. He was just happy he wasn't the one making breakfast, for once! 

I love seeing Hart be the daddy that he is.

This moment was all Hart and Cai. And Cai's first "Shaving with Daddy" time. I snuck in with my camera and was so glad I did. These photos explain why I love him so. He is a fantastic earthly father and a beautiful picture of our Heavenly Father. I am so thankful for him and his amazing example that our son can follow. 
 Probably my favorite picture of them smiling at each other/looking into each other's eyes. It's just so sweet!!! Gosh! I love them SO much!
I guess he wasn't so sure about this shaving stuff after all! Pretty adorable, isn't it!?

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