Little Updates on the Traylors


Right now....

  • We are waiting to have our window installed next Friday at 3:00 pm for our adoption. Then, the rest of this process can move on. Thankfully! I still can't believe we are right around the corner from the "waiting" stage. It looks like we will probably have to wait until AFTER July 14th to start our homestudy, due to our vacation and how long this window is taking, but it's God's timing, not mine! 
  • Hart has his first real estate closing TODAY! This is very exciting! Hart's company is also in the process of becoming "Realtors", not real estate agents, which is apparently like the "next step". We thank God for how he has blessed The Mather Company and for how he continues to provide for their needs! 
  • Hart and I ran together at the Broad River Walk yesterday evening, pushing Cai in our stroller. Hart ran with Abe, I ran pushing Cai. I joined Hart at Week 4, Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program. We warmed up 5 minutes, ran 4 minutes, walked 2, ran 6 minutes, walked 4, ran 4 minutes, walked 2, then cooled down walking 5 minutes. It was great. I actually don't mind running if I am with someone and pushing Cai and watching the other people and having Hart there all distracted me enough that it was over, before I really noticed. We are hoping to do this a couple times a week together to try to create a new routine. 
  • I am starting a "new job" working for my mom at her dance studio. Basically, I am taking over the "office" side of things/how we run the dance studio. She's needed help for quite some time in this area, but I feel like things have always prevented me from being able to fully help, now however, I am very motivated to take this on. Most of the work can be done from home, but I plan to continue going to the studio or setting one day aside per week where I will take Cai to his MiMi's (hart's mom) house for her to watch him while I go work either at the studio, or like yesterday, at a starbucks working on billing statements. I won't be teaching dance this next year, but instead be working in the administrative side of things, increasing communication to parents, running the website (with Hart), and making sure people know whats going on when. I'm actually very excited and do feel like God is calling me to do this. I had to really pray about it with Hart. Hart fully supports me, so with this new addition, we realize that I will need to scale back sewing and running/blogging on Designs By Sessa, my sewing website, a little more. I actually think I can get a little caught up in doing those things, so I'm actually okay with it. I think I needed something "more" and tried to make my sewing hobby more like a business, but when I talk to Hart about it, I actually don't want it to be more than a love and passion. I don't necessarily WANT to make money sewing. I want it to be a love, not dread taking orders or trying to make a bunch of hand-made stuff to sell. It's just not really me. 
  • Cai has been a little sick. He is a little congested and has a runny nose, but he seems like it's getting better each day. 
  • We are thinking about sending Cai to a one day one morning a week preschool this fall at our church. We haven't completely decided, but it would give me a little break each week to just have one morning to get stuff done without baby in toe, as well as some mental health time! Our church has a program that helps supplement homeschooling and a Mom's Morning Out type thing each Tuesday and Wedesday. It is $15 each morning from 8:30 - 12:30, but we would probably do only one morning, if we do it. I've heard great things from my friends that do this and I think it would be good for him, too.
  • We are going to Daufuskie Island in a few weeks, off of Hilton Head Island in SC for a beach vacay! You have to ride a ferry to get on the island, there is no bridge, and it's really remote! Hart's cousin is letting us use their beach house and we are FOREVER grateful! But once we are on the island, we are ON IT! It actually sounds like a fun adventure awaits! Can't wait to experience something new at the beach!
 Well, that's what we are up to! How about you!?

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