Lunch with V's Fam!


 A little bit ago, we went to lunch after church with my family, because my step-dad's cousin was in town. We had a delicious southern lunch at Lizard's Thicket!
 My beautiful Mama in her sunny yellow hat! She's so beautiful!
 Eating lunch!
 My step dad and Cai... I just love this rocking chair scene with the two of them!
 My step-dad, Aunt Kathe, and his cousin Gail.
 My parents! So sweet!
 Tyler and his fiance, Ann-Marie! My soon to be SIL!!!
 And holding a grumpy-ish Cai!
 And this is our family photo shot of Cai looking at his happy flower!
 Doing "butter" under Aunt Kathe's chin... apparently you say this when putting a dandelion under your chin! I didn't know this!
And just because I loved my hair-do that I wore to church that day! I don't really know how this happened. Twist it back on either side, pin, twist it all like in a bun and hold and stick bobby pins in all over, use a flower to cover up the "ugly" spot and wonder if you could ever do it quite like this again! haha!

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