Happy 21 Months to our Cai!


REALLY! Our son is going to be TWO in exactly 3 months!? That's crazy talk! It was just yesterday that Cai was like this:
So sweet and tiny and adorable!

Now, we have a VERY ACTIVE, VERY TALKATIVE, not as tiny, but still completely adorable, almost 2 year old! 
That likes to play music... go figure! 

Cai loves to play with the "big kids" in our neighborhood. We play outside playing with balls and riding bikes (well not us!), scooters, playing basketball, doing sidewalk chalk, golf and the like, all the while eating popscicles and loving life!
This is his "smiley" face i.e. what he does when you say "Smile"

He's talking a LOT now. Like all the time. He's using new words every day and will say some of the same words over and over to get his point across and is definitely starting to really string words together. We were reading a book and it had a page with all these trucks and I could tell he was trying to tell me about different things about each truck, but all he could say was "Mommy, truck! truck! truck." As he was pointing to different things about the trucks.

He says things like, "Mommy. Stuck. Mommy. Stuck. Help." or if he really wants something he says, "Milk. Milk. Milk. Milk. More."

All of his "F"s sound like "S's", so Goofy is "Goosey" and Flip is "Slip". It's pretty cute. 

And he does say short phrases all the time like, "Luv you" but mostly one word sentence type things like, "Swing. Again. Swing!" 

 He's definitely all boy! He's such a joy! We love him to pieces!

He's still sleeping 11ish hours. Waking up about 7:30 - 8, napping at 1:30/1:45 - 3:30/4:00 or more then bed at 8pm. 

He's not been as good of an eater this month. He's getting more picky and won't eat a lot of various fruits and veggies like he would before, but overally he's still a pretty good eater. I try to make a smoothie every so often to get things like blueberries, grapes, spinach or other things like that in him. He will drink pretty much any version of a smoothie, so that works like a charm! 

He's in 2T clothes, various 3T shirts, but the small ones. 

I wish I had more to say, but really, he's doing so great! Learning all the time and fun to be around! I mean there are still those days where discipline is hard and there are tantrums, but he's definitely figuring out his world and as long as I give him lots of warning when we are transitioning, he really pretty good with it!

Still... 3 more months and he's two!? No way. I don't believe it!

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