Neat Ways God is Providing {Adoption Update}


While it really makes absolutely NO sense that we have to replace a perfectly good, nice window for our adoption, God is providing for this extreme loophole. I can understand the "why", but the common sense factor seems to be missing from this aspect of the DSS adoption process.

During our Fire Inspection, our fire marshal gave us the name of a man that is a foster dad that does window replacements. He feels called by God to put these windows in at cost price to us and he does not charge for installation. Basically, this man does everything for free. We just have to buy the window, which the window company sells at cost to him to help our foster parents. It really is a unique way that this man ministers to families and one I am personally thankful for.

Today, Mike Beeken with Vista-Elite Builders came and measured our window with his two boys, once foster children, that his wife and he have adopted. It was unbelievable to see these two boys and how much they looked EXACTLY like their dad from their mannerisms to facial expressions and physical features. These boys were without a doubt Mr. Mike's natural children! I was shocked to find out they were adopted!

Things like that make me SO excited for our own adoption and as hard and discouraging as it has been to have this window SLOW down our process, I actually am really thankful, because I think my heart needed this particular family to walk into my home to remind me how perfectly God is working all these details out.

I remember a month ago when I was waiting patiently and expectantly for our DHEC inspection and how 11 ahead seemed so far away when I finally got the call and then how I just took off that DHEC letter from my fridge, because that was over and done with and it happened so fast in retrospect.

Seeing those two boys who where only 18 months apart in age reminded me of God's perfect plan for our family. Too often I can forget the main reason why we are adopting, but then seeing in real life how completely perfectly those boys fit into Mr. Mike's family was truly a God-miracle-blessing that only He can give.

Tomorrow they will order our new casement window and we should get a call Thursday when it is expected to arrive. Once I know the date of installation, I can call our social worker to get our new Fire Inspection scheduled and then we are FINALLY, FINALLY after months and months to our homestudy!

We are praying that we can actually get all of this finished BEFORE we go to the beach July 6th, but now more than ever, we know that God's timing is best, so if we have to wait until after our beach vacation to get our homestudy started, then we will! Please be praying for us in this time and lifting up all these tiny sovereign details!

Love in Christ,
The Traylors

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