Family Photos...Cai at 21 months


We went to Picture People again. The very first time we went, my dad bought us the year long membership (& the pictures!), which gives you 3 Free sheets and 3 $10 off. It really has been a great deal, because we have been a total of 3 times and each time gotten a Free Sheet, which normally costs $18 and then $10 off our order each time. Basically, you can spend around $150 and get quite a lot of images. However, we are really on a budget right now. We spent $30 and we got a frame and mat that was 75% off and 2 images. What a deal! Normally their frames cost a lot more, so getting them for $10 and $5 was amazing!
 Not a very traditional studio shot, but we loved it, and thought it was fun and represented where we were at in our lives with a crazy toddler!
And one of Micaiah at 21 months! It was so hard to walk away with only two pictures, but we have a lot, and I mean a lot of photos of this child due to my own photography skills, and mainly just wanted a couple new studio images to add to our walls in the house that were more recent.

Let's take a trip back town memory lane...
9 Months
We also did some of Cai by himself at 9 months. 
Note... this one isn't "cropped". 

Then, this past Christmas, my dad and Rebecca came down. We met Rebecca for the first time, but grabbed her into this picture! So glad we did!
 I looked back and don't remember sharing these pictures on the blog. Hmmm....that's weird.
 Our family one!
 Cai loves his PaPa! We skyped last night and it was really fun!
 Some Mommy time!
 We changed into some other clothes and took some for our Christmas card 2011.
 Micaiah at 14 Months
And now 21 months again! 
I have such a beautiful family! I thank Jesus for them!

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