Fire Inspection PASSED!


Our miracle date for having our Fire Inspection came and I am SO happy to say that we have passed all of our requirements and now will be moving on to our home study. This may take a little time now, but the good thing is that all of this is completely out of our hands now, so there is nothing we have to worry about that we have to FIX around the house or do anything else to get ready, besides preparing the room.

I've heard people compare adopting to being pregnant and while I kind of think that comparison is a little weird, because adopting feels soooo different than being pregnant, I can kind of relate that the 1st Trimester of a pregnancy, in regards to the JUNK you have to deal with IS similar to the JUNK you have to deal with the first 6 or so months of the adoption process!

So now we wait on our social worker to let us know how many are in front of us and wait for our CI to come do our home study and then wait to get all the required signatures, then we will be approved, then wait for our baby!

That part will be exciting!

Praise the LORD!!!

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