Big Boy Bed Transition


Micaiah is about a week shy of 22 months and he decided that a week before we leave on vacation he would pull something about learning to climb out of his crib! Yay!

That was sarcastic! haha!

During our Fire Inspection, the one alarm that the Marshal had to check was in Cai's room The scheduled time he was to arrive was right during Cai's nap, so I could not put Cai down in his bed. I decided I would try the pac n play in our room for a nap.

Uh, no. That did not work. He got out 3 times. I asked him to show me how he got out. Quite a little talented thing he is.

I knew the crib was next.

It has been God's perfect timing all along, because my grandparents moved up here from Myrtle Beach and they had an extra twin bed, which they so lovingly gave to Micaiah, as his big boy bed. It just has a frame (no headboard), so it is rather low to the ground, which is perfect for a toddler bed.
Not even a week later, after setting it up in his room, he transferred his mad climbing skills from out of the pac n play to his crib.

Hart heard a loud THUNK two mornings ago and then WAH!!! WAH!!! pain type cries. Hart found Cai face down on the floor on his elbows crying.

We also tried the pac n play for naps at our in-laws this past week with the consequence of IF he climbed out, he would be disciplined. That happened about 6 times and he was just DETERMINED to climb out. He got stuck several times hanging over the side of the pac n play.

I gathered other mama opinions and most of us agreed that if we could hold out until after vacation, then that would be better to make a big move.

Well, sometimes, kids just don't wait. When they are ready, they are ready. It turned into more of a safety issue, so we decided to make the switch even with us about to go on vacation.

Thankfully, God's grace has been completely over this change. I have actually dreaded it, because I didn't want him to be able to just get up and move around, even with his bedroom gated, because I thought he would try to get up and out just like his crib.

However, the last two nights, we have spent most of the day swimming and playing so hard that the switch was easy peasy, because he has fallen asleep on his way home and has sort of woken up when we moved him. We explained that he was in his Big Boy Bed and now he needed to be a Big Boy and go to sleep in it.

And that was it. Asleep all night in his big boy bed for two nights.
 There is something more unexplained underlying here and the truth of the matter is that the bed really is a symbol that he is growing up and that he himself has chosen that this is the time to do it.

It's like he has recognized that he IS a big boy and big boys are meant to sleep in these types of beds.
 My mom found the bed rail at a garage sale months ago! Thankful for it, even though I'm tempted to cover it. Cai loves Elmo, so I'm "giving in" for now, haha! 

 I'm sure we are going to face trying to get out of his bed in the next few weeks, but I'm thankful that as far as him getting used to it, that part, has been a breeze!
And even more than that, now I have an empty crib that needs to be filled by one amazing little one coming soon into our arms. I'm excited!

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