CEF Day 2


I had kids ringing my doorbell at 9:15 yesterday morning ready for the Bible camp CEF puts on. Pretty awesome. I mean I would want them to come a little later, but the fact that they are so excited to do this, just makes me smile!
We had two more come to today's club (that I don't know!)! We got started and a few minutes into it, I felt this prompting to go check on the front door from the Lord. I'm so glad I listened! We had two new visitors outside waiting. I asked them how long they had been waiting and they said, "7 minutes." "SEVEN MINUTES!!!"

They loved the whole thing, too and I'm loving the opportunities this is bringing for me to talk about Jesus with some of these children. They are so curious about  spiritual stuff and it is completely foreign to most of them, so it's been really neat seeing them light up when learning new Bible stories! Plus, have I mentioned that it is FUN!? Oh, right, I have!

One of the new boys said... "I thought we'd be like running around in your yard."

Well, Okay, tomorrow you can have an egg relay race. How about that?!

Should be fun!

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