Summertime Corn Eatin'


We know summer is full on it's way when corn on the cob is like $.15/each through our co-op. We got 8 ears of fresh corn and it has been delish! I did the normal mom thing, which was to cut the corn off with a knife and put it on Cai's plate... uh...WHAT was I thinking!?!? Cai grabbed up an ear of corn and ate it like a pro his very first time and he LOVED it!
 I guess his Iowan roots go deep!
 I love how he is actually holding the corn, not the corn handles... taking a HUGE bite!
 He literally ate the whole thing by himself. And when it was all gone, he cried and said "Corn! Corn!" in his precious little voice.
 When I taught school, one of my families gave us this precious wooden toddler table. I really need to paint it, but I'm so thankful that the Amory's passed it to us! We've been eating at it for lunch and doing little projects at it, or playing with play dough. It's been great.
 All done! I'm telling you... he was a pro!
Looking forward to more summer corn eatin'! How bout you!?

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