Adoption Update: Failed Inspection!!!


That's right, we failed our DHEC inspection, but the good news is.... it wasn't bad!!!

Basically outside of our home, if it was white paint, then it was lead based paint. The entire house was considered "in tact" and did not need to be modified in any way. However, the door frame molding right outside of our front door had been chipped because of the door closing & opening against it and needs a new coat of paint. And the wooden molding outside by our grill, our utility room exterior wall, needs some new paint in a few places and some fresh mulch on the ground to cover in case any paint had chipped. I've been wanting some new mulch anyways, so I'm actually excited we have a reason to go buy it! lol!

And that's it. The inside of our home had NO lead paint anywhere and she was very thorough, so that was excellent!

We are VERY thankful to George and Gail Brower who took such good care of our home prior to us living here and that they replaced all of our windows, because apparently that's a big issue with older homes, like ours.

So, this does not mean we cannot adopt through DSS with the age range we have requested, it just means that we now need to rectify those two areas and our social worker will come out to check that we did the recommendations that our DHEC inspector had recommended. 

Our DHEC inspector LOVED Abe and The Hurdles, our friends who are adopting that also had the same inspector! She also remembered their doc, Addy and thought Abe and Addy should get together... So, Kitty...let's do it! haha!

Praise God that everything is working out for His glory! I know he has our next little one in the palm of his hands! Can't wait to meet them! It makes all of this worth it!

Also, in adoption news, our next inspection is our Fire inspection, which is scheduled for May 21st! We have to get our fire extinguisher retagged, since it has been over a year since it was checked, and then the Fire Marshall will come through. We have already made a Fire plan and have 2 more smoke detectors to install, but we are almost ready for that, too!

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