May the Fourth Be With You!


Happy (Belated) Star Wars Day! Yesterday was May 4th, which is also known as "Star Wars Day". If you don't know why, or didn't catch on why because of the title of this post, let me reiterate it for you...."May the FOURTH be with you!"

Yeah, it's dorky. But I don't care. I like Star Wars.

At the time of me writing this post it's actually just past midnight. So now it's May 5th. Why up so late? Well I just finished watching USC make an incredible come from behind win over Arkansas (they were down 6-0, and ended up winning 8-6), and Vanessa is finishing up some sewing.

Anyways, I jokingly wished Vanessa "Happy Star Wars Day", and she didn't know why May 4th is known as Star Wars day. I began giving her hints to help her figure it out, only to realize my wife knows very little about Star Wars!

Me: Happy Star Wars Day!
V: (laughs) what?
Me: Today is known as Star Wars day. You know why?
V: No, why?
Me: What's today?
V: May. I don't know the date. Oh, Mayflower. Wasn't there something in the movie called Mayflower?
Me: No. That's the ship the pilgrims came over on. What was yesterday's date?
V: Oh, yesterday was the 3rd. Today is May 4th.
Me: What's the famous line from Star Wars?
V: I don't know
Me: You remember Luke Skywalker?
V: Yeah. He was the guy that did the things with his legs and his arms.
Me: WHAT!?!?
V: (laughs) He was the main character. He had something to do with George Lucas (she says that part was a joke. She knew that George Lucas wrote Star Wars). Luke Skywalker had that sword.
Me: Yeah. What was he called?
V: Uhm, a jedi?
Me: And what do jedis use?
V: uhm...
Me: "Use the (blank) Luke"
V: Oh force. Use the force.
Me: Yes force. What was the famous quote about the force.
V: Uhm, force be with you....May the force be with you.
Me: May the FOURTH be with you!
V: Oh my goodness. That is really geeky.

I learned 2 things from this:
1 - I was further reminded of my geekiness.
2 - Apparently I need to re-educate my wife in the things of Star Wars. Good thing we got the whole set on Blu-Ray this past Christmas. I know what will be on our list of things to watch in the near future!

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