Adoption Update: DHEC DATE!


 This is actually a nursery frame... I kind of want it for the new little one!

In Adoption news, we got our call from DHEC! I'm excited! We have a little bit to get done around the house (Basically cleaning it from top to bottom and installing our child locks on the cabinets), but it's next Tuesday! Apparently they first called our weird home internet phone last week, which was unplugged and that's the only number DSS gave them for us. For some reason, it never let us know we got a voicemail and so thank God I was being persistent and decided to call them on Monday of this week! They returned my call and we set everything up! I've also made sure that our social worker knows what our correct primary phone number is! Originally, they told us DHEC was 3 months behind, but here we are 2 months later and we will have our inspection! So, now I'm wondering if we will be able to be approved sometime in June, instead of July! We will see!

We decided to go ahead and order new window blinds for the front half of our house in the kitchen and dining room, since it needed to be done anyways and we made sure to get Abe up-to-date with his shots, but it is all falling into place and as soon as we got the call I heard God saying, "Be anxious for NOTHING!" So, I'm not even worried about possible lead paint anymore! God is in control and he's got this!

And also just for fun, we have talked about names a little bit. We have always had Ali Ruth for a girl, since it was Micaiah's "girl name" and I have always loved it, but never knew if it would fit with a little girl we adopt, since part of it has come from my Gramie, Ali, but then Hart and I were talking about Ruth in the Bible and how she was "adopted" by Naomi and then that paired with the fact that my Gramie & Grampie adopted my uncle, as well, and I just can't help, but love it if we have a girl next. However, boy names are up in the air. Both of us draw blanks when it comes to boy names! Although Hart keeps thinking of USC football player's we could use as names, in addition to the boy power rangers

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