Splish Splash I was taking a bath...


Isn't that a cutie nakey baby!? Cai is getting less excited about getting in the bath tub, but we can make it fun with some toys and letters and ducks!

 Abe is always right there. He would be IN the tub if we would let him, but since that isn't part of the deal, he happily waits until Cai gets out of the tub!
No matter what Age Micaiah has been, he has ALWAYS hated to get out of the tub. He cried as a 1 month old. He cries as an almost 20 month old! It's crazy. He hates being cold. He hates being wrapped in a towel like a burrito, he hates all of it! 
But normally, "blanket" and his thumb do the trick. And then mommy and daddy try to make him laugh by making funny faces!
I love the half smile thumb sucking...
I wonder what my face looked like here...
Giant sized baby here... He was off the charts for length 100 % for height at his 18 month appointment, and no one can believe we have a child under 2 years when they see him out and about. I love this sweet boy through and through. He's so dramatic and fussy and happy all at the same time!

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