Plane Ride(s)


My step sister got married last weekend. We traveled up to DC via plane. Cai loved it, but about 20 minutes into the flight, he looked at me and shook his hands and said "Plane. All Done!" Thankfully, it was just an hour flight, so we didn't have too much more time to distract him.
 He loved pointing out all the planes!
 A cool shot I got of him on the plane (above)
 Trying to get some pictures with him together, but it was a little crammed for photo taking.
 Something so fun, that was just a God thing, was that we were on the same flight as my best friend's husband's parents, The Robnetts! It was so fun traveling both there and back with them! On the way back, they kept Cai plenty busy!
 Mrs. Dixie found some cheezits to give to Cai. She is always known for her delicious meals and food, so it was very fitting to have some crackers to win Cai over!
 Mr. Chris gave Cai a hat, which he wore (& he never wears hats!)
 They were so sweet!
 Pretty sure, they are showing Cai pictures of "No" here... or their grandbaby, Nola!
 Cai was absolutely exhaused coming home that he passed out on the plane in my arms. It was so sweet holding him, until my arm fell asleep and I couldn't move it for another 25 minutes until we got off the plane. But still, super sweet seeing him sleep.
 The one finger over the eye was making me smile!
Thank you SO much, Daddy, for our plane tickets! Traveling with a baby is hard enough, but imagining a 7 hour car trip was even worse! We are so grateful for the quick flight with Cai and the memories made on his 2nd plane trip ever! The first was to Memphis to visit Steph (who's in-laws we traveled with this flight!)

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