19 Months Old - Micaiah


A couple of weeks ago, Cai turned 19 months old... I kind of was a slacker and forgot to write up a post! Not much has changed in a month, but he is talking more and saying more funny things or trying to mimic us in his actions more. He keeps us smiling, that's for sure!

Right now, Cai LOVES to drive our cars. He would every single time we go anywhere if we would let him.
 Note "blanket" doesn't get too far away from him even though he is acting so grown up!
 Pushing any and all buttons are his favorite.
Sometimes Hart just takes him out to the Blazer and let's him drive for a little bit. He loves playing with the radio, too. He says "DRIVE!" and "Music!" and "Blazer"

 Cai's getting a little big for our changing table, haha! And when it comes to potty training, he's getting a lot better at telling me "Pee Pee" when he has to go. He uses his little potty a good bit daily, but also still wets in his diapers every now and then. Overall, I am happy with how he is doing in our Potty Training Process! I'm definitely thankful he is starting to pay attention to his body and being more vocal about when he has to go. That helps a lot. I still think we are a bit off from actually being daytime trained, but I'm okay with it. Starting early has made him completely comfortable with his potty and we have used less and less diapers, so it has been good. We use cloth diapers at home, pull-ups for trips out, and regular diapers for night time. I like using all 3.
 And he's such a happy boy! This is mid-big-dramatic laugh!
 He loves to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and can fill in the blanks when we sing. He says "Star", Twinkle which sounds like "Turnkey" (Don't ask me why!), "Are" and "High" and has just recently added "Diamond". He still loves his "Tractor Tractor" song and can now sing more verses like "Back hoe and Jet plane."
When it comes to food, all meat is called "Turkey" and all round fruits are called "Apples". He's my little vegan. He doesn't care much for meat, but will eat pretty much all fruits and veggies and beans. He also LOVES mints and M&Ms which he calls "Ns". He also loves Popsicles, but calls them "popcorn". He definitely takes words that are close to other words and uses them for similar sounding things.
Bus & UPS are his favorite cars. He also has two trucks he carries around, but usually if there are cars in his hand, these are the ones you will see together.

I absolutely love seeing the little person that God is making him to be and couldn't be more blessed by the Lord with this little guy! He really is a sweet, thoughtful little boy, that usually obeys! Although we are having to try some new tactics when he disobeys now, like Time Outs in his crib for a few minutes. He definitely exerts his will more and more, but I'm thankful he loves to please at this point!

Micaiah, we are SO proud of you! We love you! We pray you grow up to know and love Jesus with your whole heart!

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