Play dough!


Sorry for the absence! I've been rather crazy sewing this week! Sorry!

I thought I would break the ice by sharing some fun family moments with Play-dough! It was so funny, because Cai went to Israel's birthday party and he had not a clue what to do with play-dough. About that same time, I was being nominated as one of the top 25 most creative mom blogs and yet my child didn't know how to play with play-dough! Kind of hilarious!

My friend Carla gave us a few jars of play-dough. We now definitely know how to play with it!
Our particular favorite is making play dough moo-staches and then saying "STINKY!" Or we put it on our toes.

Other family members, like Uncle Tyler, enjoy this, too.
It's pretty fun! Check out Ty's handlebar stache! LOL!

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