Tyler and Ann-Marie's Engagement Party!


 Yesterday, my brother, Tyler, asked Ann-Marie to be his wife! It was so exciting to be a part of their beautiful engagement!

Tyler asked Ann-Marie at the Riverbanks Zoo Botanical Gardens. He hired a photographer to hide and capture their moment together. They prayed together, read scripture, he told her how much he loved her (not sure in that exact order), then got down on one knee and pulled out the most spectacular ring (out of his boot!) She said YES!!!

While all that was going down, my mom, myself, and Ann-Marie's family were busy decorating at the restaurant for Ann-Marie's surprise engagement party! By these pictures, you wouldn't believe that honestly, we threw this thing together in the day-of kind of style! Everything everyone brought went beautifully together! It was so much fun and of course, I love doing this kind of thing... it's kind of my thing...
 I will share more in detail about the decorations over at Designs by Sessa, if you wish to hear more!
Ann-Marie spotted her parent's car in the parking lot of California Dreaming, but it was still a shock to see so many of her dear friends there, too!
There were lots of hugs, smiled, cheers, happiness all around!
Ann-Marie's mom, Laura Christy, and daughter, Lolly!

Lolly made this adorable diamond ring that said Engaged to take pictures in! It was so much fun (for everyone, too!)
We ate an amazing dinner and then enjoyed some delicious cake! Ann-Marie's fav!
Mrs. Laura made the beautiful diamond centerpiece herself, which I pretended would be some pretty fun bling to wear, too... I mean... Ann-Marie's ring was pretty and all, but c'mon...
Just Kidding!
We had a great night and are so happy for them! (My two brothers, me and Ann-Marie!)
Having such a blessed marriage founded on Christ our Rock and Redeemer ourselves, we couldn't be more excited for them! Whoot!!!

Vanessa and Hart

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