Backyard Makeover


For 3 years, we have lived next door to a rental which housed several male bachelors. They didn't keep up the house, threw huge parties, you never knew who really lived there, etc. I prayed for a nice family to move in and have pride in the home....for 3 straight years.

Like night and day, they moved out and a new family moved in. This family has 4 kids and all I can say is WOW! Our backyard got a makeover and God surely answered our prayers!! It didn't take long for the two youngest kids to make friends with the other kids in the neighborhood and for Cai and I to make friends, too.

Now many afternoons, my backyard is full of kids swinging on swings and lots of laughs! Micaiah LOVES having friends to play with and they love him, even though he is a good bit younger than them, too. 
 Cai bonded with an 8 year old boy we call "Re-Re". Literally he thinks every black boy is called "Re-Re". This is kind of embarrassing when you are at McDonalds and Cai starts calling other black boys "Re-Re". I mean, you can imagine, right? I'm really not kidding.
He wants to rush outside after his nap when the big kids get off the bus, so they can run around outside playing! Even Abe loves the new change and all the attention!
I've had some neat little ministry moments with these neighborhood children and I'm really praying that God will continue to use me in their lives to speak his Truth into them. I'm just trying to show them Jesus' love when and where I can. I taught one little girl the song, "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord" and told her how much God loved her. Her soul soaked it up. I can sense the Lord working in that little one's heart.
Cai with the girls... aka... my awesome little babysitters, because let's be real... bigger kids are HUGE helpers! I keep saying to Hart... "Are we SURE we don't want to adopt an older child? They are SO helpful!" haha!

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