Easter 2012


We had a BEAUTIFUL Easter here in SC! In our family Easter means so much to us! It's a day were we honestly and excitedly proclaim that our God is more powerful than death itself! This week, as I was reading in God's word, I was reminded that this belief is foolishness to the world, but God says that the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men (1 Cor. 1:25). If Jesus had NOT risen from the dead, he would not be more powerful than anyone. He would have been a mere man, but the fact that he is risen, well THAT is a God that can do anything! Praise Him!
We hope you had a beautiful Easter, too!
Cai looked so adorable in this handmade bowtie from Thatcher's 1st bow tie party! These were Mer's favors for her Little Man party! 

When we gave Cai his Easter basket, we told him that we were giving him this gift, because God gave us an even greater gift when Jesus rose from the dead! He gave us VICTORY in Jesus and THAT is something to proclaim to all the world!
In it was a Bubble gun (because he LOVES bubbles), some eggs with candy inside, and a book about Joseph and his coat of many colors, as well as, a sweet edition of a letter written from his daddy.
This letter was the sweetest letter you can imagine and I almost cried watching him read it to Cai. While he was reading, I thought to myself, "Aw, I love my husband so much... but I want a letter, too!"

Hart rushed out the door to church. I went straight to the coffee pot and lo and behold, my sweet husband had NOT forgotten about me either. Sitting right next to the coffee pot was my OWN sweet letter written to me from my sweet husband. Seriously. I love him.

We spent Easter lunch with Hart's Aunt and Uncle on the Traylor side (delicious and fun!) and then enjoyed getting into some freezing cold pool water (72 degrees! yikes!) and soaking up the sun!
 Cai loves his MiMi's pool fountain!
 The girls brave enough to face the water! The boys had none of it!
 We filled a small bucket up and the babies played and played with pool diving toys the entire time!

We also did Easter egg hunts with the children, which they really enjoyed! And boy are they good at finding them! They LOVED the candy being hidden inside! We also put some scripture verses inside of the eggs and read them as they found them!

Happy Easter! He is risen!

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