Trucks, Trucks, Trucks!


I was joking with my friend Stephanie that I could probably spout off all kinds of truck types within a matter of seconds! In fact, I starting doing so in a pretty country twangy kind of voice if you can imagine... Dump truck, back hoe, excavator, mini excavator, crane, cement mixer, bulldozer, skid steer....  you get the picture. Having boys is pretty different from having girls!

She immediately started looking at a sweet little Nail Polish set in the store... we started looking at trucks and/or electronics! haha!
Well, even more funny are the rather ODD places that I find cars, trucks, and bull dozers around my house. I started taking some pictures, because some just made me laugh out loud when I discovered where these, so trucks were!

Here are some examples...
 Like the toilet!
 Or the bathroom counter.
 Or our closet floor!
 Behind the guitar case?
 In my purse pockets...
 The UPS truck comes back for visits to our closet, as well.
 And the bulldozer has construction work under our bed! Wow... it's dirty under there!
 And let's not forget the police patrolling the living room side table!
Yes, it's pretty fun having a boy! :)

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