Adoption Update: Financial Stuff DONE!


Sorry if that last post was a little crazy. I was being honest with where I was in the moment and thank you for your prayers and comments. It's amazing how a weekend with TWO parents doing the work refreshes you! I needed his weekend! It's wonderful to have Hart around! Plus, Micaiah really has been a little less fussy this weekend, which has been a relief!

I thought I would share a few thoughts on our adoption and our current status!

It's funny, but just like those first few months when you don't "feel" pregnant, but you are, is exactly how I'm feeling now. Sometimes I forget we're adopting, but then I'm reminded by the Lord and start to pray.

A 4 year old who's mom is pregnant recently asked me, "Do you have a baby in your belly like my mommy?" I answered, "No, I don't have a baby in my belly, but I do have one in my heart."

That's how I feel. I have continued to pray for the dark headed little girl the woman in Wal-mart told me about whether or not she would ever be ours. I just want the best for her and the other children in her home. And it's hard to hear about a specific child that needs a home! It makes what we are doing way more real.

Friday, during Micaiah's nap, I spent most of the time working on our Financial Forms for our adoption and got them all turned in and sent to our social worker! I also talked to our social worker on the phone and set up an appointment for Wednesday to go meet with her and talk over the Child Factor's Checklist.

The CFC is probably the most dreaded aspect of the paperwork, because it is one that we have to be brutally honest in saying what we will or will not take in a child. How hard is that? I mean, you could have a child naturally and it could have every single one of those issues and there would never be the ability to say "NO" to any of them nor would you want to! Please pray that God will show us how to answer the way He wants us to answer. Wednesday will also be the first time meeting our social worker, so please pray that we will hit it off and have favor there!

I also called on Friday to set up appointments for getting Hart and my medical exam appointments AND I sent off Micaiah's form to his doctor to complete and return to us next week! That's really the last item on our end to complete.

We were going to complete our 14 hrs of training the next 2 weekends in March, but one of our best friend's little boy is turning 1 and having his party, so we will complete our training in April instead! My mom is also having a dance competition next weekend, so it will be good to be free to go to that as well.  It's all in God's timing, so we don't want to rush it!

So we have left:
  • Medical Exams (hopefully complete sometime in March)
  • Child Factors Checklist... hopefully complete this coming week!
  • 14 Hrs of training (April)
  • Fire Inspection (Not sure if we have to do the training before we can get this or what)
  • DHEC Sanitation
  • Home Study
Whew! We are SLOWLY getting through it! I felt like we finally made some progress on Friday! 

Please keep us in your prayers!

The Traylors

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