We met our Social Worker!


Today, Hart and I walked in to the DSS office for our first official meeting with our social worker! We had really been praying for favor and to "hit it off" so to speak! That's exactly what happened and we are SO thankful to the Lord for this great blessing! Our worker was amazingly helpful in helping us fill out the Child Factor's Checklist that we so dreaded. Basically, she encouraged us to be as open as possible on paper, so that we can come to the table more frequently, but then have the ability to decide after hearing specific cases. She was a mom herself, so having her say... "If I had another child in the home, I probably wouldn't welcome XYZ!" was very very helpful to hear, as well. The harder things we starred to talk about later and pray over, but we almost have that part done and plan to turn them in next week after we have our medicals completed next Wednesday and our TB test read on Friday!

Those two things are officially the last things that we have to fill out. We are planning to do the 14 hrs of training next month, instead of this month due to various things going on during our weekends. Due to that, our social worker did us a HUGE favor and went ahead and sent out our DHEC letter, because they are 90 days behind....meaning just super slow. This is A HUGE BLESSING that we won't have to wait on until AFTER our 14 hrs of training, so God is really providing in just the right ways.

She said the wait for the age range for 1 child under 2 is around 1 - 2 years, but a sibling group of 2 could be faster. We are not sure if we would accept 2 children, but if it is the right match, we are not opposed either. God is in control and He knows what is best for us, so we will wait on his perfect plan!

I asked our worker about the "Wal-mart" baby through the lady that I met and she wrote the woman's name down to find out more information. While I still think the likely hood of that happening is slim, it was still neat to see that there is still a possibility for that dark headed little girl that I have been praying over, too. Only God knows!

At this point, we are still on track to being done with everything and thrown into the waiting pool late July, early August right before Micaiah turns 2 years old! Then will come the paper pregnant part with no official due date! Pretty crazy, huh!?!?

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