Fussy Stage...I'm going insane!


To say that this is what my life looks like right now would be an understatement!!! I honestly don't remember my child being this fussy, since he was colicky as a newborn! It's been leading to frustration all around and it.IS.tough!

Moms that work or non-moms who will be moms that work often give me this statement when they realize I stay home with our child... "I would go crazy if I stayed home all day! How do you do it?!"

I always think it's interesting, especially because I was a non-mom working before being pregnant and I never know exactly what to say.

Do I be completely blunt and say "I AM GOING CRAZY!!! Half the time I feel like I'm going to LOSE IT!!! and the other half of the time I am incredibly thankful we have sacrificed so much for me TO STAY HOME!!!"

I absolutely hate it when moms say things like, "Oh, I love every minute of staying home!"

Really, you do? Please, give me the secret for loving EVERY SINGLE MINUTE!
I love this little boy, but NOT this whiney face!

I don't have answers, I just know that like they say... "This too shall pass!"

Staying at home with Micaiah as an infant was actually easier compared to now and I don't say that lightly, especially since he was a colicky reflux baby. I'm a rather efficient person and when he would take 2 - 3 naps daily, I got things done. I feel like the toddler stage is 3x harder as a stay at home mom, because they sleep so much less and the time I had before is GONE like the wind! Sometimes I wonder how I could ever have more than one child and wonder what it is going to be like with TWO!! Ah!!!

My other huge struggle is that Micaiah is a pretty demanding little boy. He has been since birth. I have given him a LOT of my undivided attention and this has led to a lot of wonderful things, but also, I'm starting to realize the he wants me to entertain him or he wants me to stop what I am doing and give him the undivided attention he requires in that moment.

So, I'm trying to balance the desire to "do other things" and give him that attention. And before you start thinking that seems silly and before you start telling me this time will be gone in the blink of an eye...to ENJOY it... (I realize that...)

Let me tell you that we have some pretty precious moments mixed in with all the craziness and we do get down and play with cars together or build things with blocks or go on long walks or lay on my bed and "talk" to each other between tickle fests quite often.
It's just the day in day out, hardly getting a break from this mommy job that makes you tired! No wonder I see moms in Target looking like they haven't showered and look so plain jane... I am one most of the time! I've even gone out of the house without earrings the past few weeks... gasp! Who am I becoming!?
 Yes, the sweet times outweigh the bad, but it still doesn't make it easy. While I'm not looking for easy, I am looking for peace in the crazy storm we are in. I know that only comes from God, so I am trusting in him during this time, because He is the giver of all things good!
Because, Lord knows, in 5 more minutes, I will have this face to look at again clinging on my legs!

Oh, laud...I'm sure I've up and offended everyone now! Just in your offense, pray for my sanity!

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