Photo Shoot with Naomi and Cai - 17 months


I monogrammed a couple of little shirts for Naomi this past week and wanted to take some pictures of her in them for my Designs By Sessa blog, but also, just take some of Naomi and Micaiah if I haven't already taken enough! You can never have enough! I hope you enjoy them!

Somehow, I'm ending up to be the family photographer... not sure how that is happening.... haha! (that was a joke!)
Micaiah's old man shoes make me laugh here!
Poor little guy got a fever from his shots at his 17 month appointment! He wasn't feeling too well this day, but some of his personality came out anyways!
I really can't believe they are already so grown up! Naomi is a little lady and Cai is such a little man already! Tell them to stop growing so fast!

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