Encouragement from the Lord


This past week, when I was at Wal-mart, of all places, buying some cute little plain shirts to embroider for my niece, I was standing alone looking over their clearance baby section. Things were so cheap, little shorts, onsies, etc for around $2 each. I actually put a cute pair of girl's shorts into my cart and then felt a little silly and put them back thinking we could have a boy NOT a girl....so it's silly to buy girl stuff for a baby I don't know what size or season she will need things yet! Let's not get ahead of ourselves here...

While I was going back and forth on whether I should buy some 6 - 9 month baby girl clothes, this woman walked up. She started looking through the same section that I was in and started talking about how these shorts run so big. How she bought 3 pair for her 3 foster children, only to discover that they ran so big.

Did she say 3 foster children?

My heart leapt.

Immediately I told her how we were adopting through DSS and that we were in the middle of paperwork.

Without knowing an age range or much more, she started telling me about a little baby girl that she currently has in her home. This little girl is 3 months old and her mother is currently in prison until 2017, then has 2 years of parole. This foster mom has had her since she was 2 days old and is trying to get her adoptable. The crazy part is, is that the mom still has parental rights EVEN THOUGH SHE IS IN PRISON!!!

She talked about how she thought it was so unfair to this child that she could be the only mom she would ever know. 

I told her that I would gladly be the first one to take her off her hands and give her a home! In fact, I just about bought her some clothes 2 seconds before.

We exchanged phone numbers, at the very least, this woman thought it would be fun to do a play day with our children.

I thought...oh no...so I can get attached to this dark headed little girl you just told me about, yet not be able to adopt her?! 

But we did exchange numbers.

I left Wal-mart feeling so encouraged to be reminded how much in control God is of our adoption. Even if nothing more comes of this divine meeting, it was neat for me to see how God is working "behind the scenes" on our behalf.

I have been praying for this little girl and the other 2 children in need of homes in this woman's home. Would you pray, as well.

Wouldn't it be neat if THIS WAS THE WAY that God gave us our next baby through a woman I met "randomly" at Wal-mart?!!

I have emailed my social worker about this baby and will continue to question about her until I get some more definitive answers. We are currently not even through all of our paperwork yet, so it will be late July, early August before we are even ready to adopt a baby, but God's timing is perfect.

Maybe....just maybe... we will be adding a 6 - 9 month little girl to our family, after all.

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