Merry Christmas!


Our day was full of good things today as we celebrated Christmas and the true reason for the season, Jesus. I wanted to send out our Christmas card to seriously everyone on the planet, but unfortunately that couldn't really happen, so here is our virtual copy to YOU. If you didn't actually get one this year from us, please don't hold it against us! We love you. Seriously! Thanks for reading our blog and loving our family as we seek and love the One who made us!
And to a few bloggers or friends that I really wanted to send one to:

Kenny and Shari
Erin at Suburban Eutopia (such a sweet blog friend I "met" thru Chelsey)
The Caldwells
The Skeen's (they have a baby girl about the same age of Cai and are so fun! You'd love them, too!)
MeettheParsons (I have absolutely no idea how I found this family, but their adoption story of baby Zion is amazing and full of faith and tears and miracles and joy. They inspired me to adopt!)
G + M (love little E.T.)
The Cevallos (Everyone should read Danielle's writing...she WILL write a book one day. Just read this post now!)
The Neals
The Hongs
The Percolator (Love my little pen pal!)
The Tomfordes ( Ahhh...we all miss you in SC!)
Garden of Charis (aka...our favorite babysitter! Do you need one? She's highly recommended!)

And that's a list. My... do I love me some bloggers. I may have a SLIGHT blogging obsession, which is evident in this above teeny list and this other teeny craft list. I may need to stop blogging, so my house will actually clean itself. That or hire a cleaning person...which we all know would be awesome, but I can't afford! Yep. Merry Christmas!

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