Early Potty Training... Kind of a parenting post...


A couple of weeks ago, Cai pooped in his diaper, then he went to his diaper bag and got a diaper out. Took it to Hart to change him. Uh...what? Aren't you like 15 months old?

*I will warn you...I kind of talk about poop in this post...if you can't handle that... go read somewhere else. Thanks!*

With that understanding, I asked some other moms what they would do and most recommended planting the IDEA of potty training in his head, not actually starting it. A teacher previously, this kind of comes naturally to me, but I decided to start talking to Micaiah about the toilet and poop and pee, etc. He's usually around during the day when I have to potty anyways, so why not. We started taking his poopy diaper and putting his poo-poo in the toilet and I taught him how to flush, which he seriously loves, of course. We say "bye-bye poop" and then he gets to flush the toilet. He even waves sometimes... which totally makes me laugh out loud.

Of course, he kind of is fascinated with the whole toilet and bathroom scene due to this. One day, I wasn't sure where he went and he was quiet for too long. I came around the corner and found this scene....
Uh huh...lesson learned. Shut the DOOR when we are through!

And since we are talking about potty training... I will add that we aren't actually making Cai sit on the toilet or anything yet. I want to order a toilet seat like this before I start putting him on the commode.
The child seat is built in... is that not nifty?

While reading about potty training, I discovered that our children in America are some of the oldest children in diapers and our children statistically start late with potty training. That's probably due to the convenience of diapers and probably some American laziness, too. I kind of think that is interesting and I do hope to do some potty training earlier than later, but not force it, by any means. What do you think about EPT?

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