Rainy Day Library Trip


Rainy days are the best days to go to the Library. It's wide open enough to let Cai explore and stimulating. They have books to look at. Puzzles to work and almost always we make a new friend.
I love taking pictures with my new camera there. They have an awesome window that lets in a lot of light and I can get fun pictures.
This time was pretty funny, because there was another little girl at the crayon table. She kept handing Cai crayons. At one point, he ate a bite of the crayon. She reached over and pulled it out of his mouth before I could get to him. It was hilarious.
I don't think he knew what to think when this happened.
But she was pretty darn cute...
I don't really know where her mom was during all of this. I hope she didn't mind that I snagged this shot.
You can read about our last rainy day trip here.

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