The New Box


You know how kids love cardboard boxes? Well, really anything they can climb in and out of? Micaiah is no different. I was folding laundry one day and Micaiah was crawling around me. I have one of those cheap pop up laundry baskets with the mesh sides that I use for his laundry. It became his new toy! He LOVED playing inside of it and it honestly kept him entertained for hours! He would climb in, lay down with his blanket, put it over his head, watch tv in it, etc! It was too funny!
It was particularly enjoyable when Abe tried to "get him", too!
This naturally led to him crawling through his tunnel into his little laundry basket house...
Add another baby to the mix and it's pure joy...
I mean...who knew? Apparently even, big macho marine uncles get into it, too! (no pun intended!)
Parents, don't waste your money on expensive toys...please go to the dollar store and buy your kid a pop-up laundry's hours of fun!

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