Thanksgiving 2011


We had a pretty low-key Thanksgiving this year! Since having Micaiah, we have decided that we are just going to ONE place each actual holiday day. Before, we would run out to Hart's family, my family, and between the two it was just too hectic that we never really got to enjoy family and time together. Last year, we did Micaiah's 1st Thanksgiving with my side of the family, so this year we went to Hart's Aunt Chris & Uncle David's to enjoy time with family! They live right here in Columbia, so we didn't have to go too far, which is nice!

Here's a look at last year at 2.5 months old!
And now this year at 14.5 months!
Micaiah enjoying his 1st Thanksgiving Meal! 
He played a lot with some toy cars and with Hart's girl cousins, Pam, Ellen, and Anna! 
I totally made him get dressed up in a traditional southern smocked outfit complete with knee high socks (that were Hart's as a kid), a turtle neck, and stride-rite boots. He wasn't too happy when I put the turtle neck on him. I promised him it was the last one he would ever have to wear. Ha! We'll see about that! 
We have so much to be thankful for from the Lord, particularly in this sweet son that God has given us! I'm so thankful that I can just praise the Lord for him and give thanks all the time for the joy he brings us! We love him so much! My mama heart is overflowing! 
And one last fun shot that I took with our camera! Well, we took all of them with our camera, but this one I had some fun playing around with.
I hope your Thanksgiving was GREAT! Lots of love to you from The TRAYLORS!

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