Micaiah - 14 Months Old!


After Micaiah turned 1 year, I wasn't sure if I was going to continue doing a monthly summary or what, but now that 2 months have gone by I just feel like I need to post about his little life that is happening so fast before my very eyes.
Looking back over his 1st year of life, I think the most difficult things were the newborn stage, where I had some serious issues with running on NO sleep, AND ear infections. I'm so thankful that Micaiah had his tubes surgery, because he really has been such a delightful little boy lately!
Don't get me wrong...he's still "Pistol Pete" as we like to call his fiesty self and he is very quick to let you know when he doesn't like something (like when I make him sit in this grass), but overall the surgery has helped him so much. We are  not constantly running to the doctor to check his ears or getting put on yet ANOTHER round of antibiotics. So, most days are just spent together in joy. That's one thing I can say...I love being able to be home with him right now. I am teaching dance one day a week and helping more with my mom's dance studio, but the latter I can do from home, so it is nice.

What he's doing right now:
  • Babbling A LOT: He's got his own language and Hart and I just look at him and say, "One day we will understand you, buddy!" He just talks and talks, but doesn't make sense yet. Of course it's adorable! He had my cell phone tonight and just kept pushing it up to my ear to "talk" then to "his ear" and he thought it was hilarious when I called my dad and he heard someone on the other line talking to him!
  • Words he has said: "Dog" "DaDa" "MaMa" "Duck" "Nigh-Nigh" "A" (Abe) "All Done" "God" "Ball" "Juice" - We ask him, "Micaiah, who made you?" And he replies back, "Ga" (God)/Then, we ask, "What else did God make?" And he (sometimes) replies back, "All" (for All Things)
  • Sign Language he uses: "Please" "All Done" "Milk" Currently working on "Thank you" 
  • He's standing up for awhile on his own and will pick up toys and stand and hold them and walk around furniture with them. He's walking as long as he is behind a push toy, cruising the couch, or holding onto at least 1 finger. He has taken 3 little steps towards Hart on his own, but not any other times. It was really sweet, because we were both there when it happened that first time and we were so excited for him! 
  • Wearing 2T clothes, some 18 months, too. Size 4 shoe.
  • He waves Bye-Bye, but says "DaDa" mostly, because we wave Goodbye to Hart every morning and so he picked up "Bye-Bye, DaDa". He will wave to people in the  grocery store while in the shopping cart or wherever else to say Bye. 
  •  He's still taking 2 naps. He's not ready to drop yet. He gets tired by 10 or 10:30 in the morning and again around 2:30 or 3 in the afternoon. He sleeps about 1 - 1.5 hrs in the morning and 2 hrs in the afternoon, plus still doing around 12 - 12.5 hours at night. I think he's a high need sleeper, but he can function off less. We are able to do one nap on busy days where our morning forces it that way, but he's a fussy-mess-ball by dinner. If this happens, he goes to bed early by around 6:30 or 7. Other nights his bed time is 7:30 or 8. I'm thankful, because he really is a great sleeper!
  • Do you wonder what I do all day with him? Well, we read a lot, do crafts, swing, play, nap, go to the library, run errands/shop, visit friends, etc. I usually find that I like to get out during the middle of the day on most days, just to leave the house. 
  • What he loves... GUITARS! We took him to a music store and he just crawled around and played I kid you not, every single guitar they had! He crawls back to our office/music room where Hart has his instruments on the wall and plays all his guitars almost daily. DOGS! He still loves them! He and Abe are the best companions! They seriously keep themselves entertained. 
 I really feel totally blessed. I look at my life and while I do have lots of bad/rough days, the majority of the time I love where God has us and how he has blessed our family. Micaiah is fussy at times, but he is primarily a joy and I love him. We love him! I still can't believe how fast he's grown up!

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