Don't Hit on Me....I'm still Married!


How's that for a catchy title! And that's about as interesting a post as this probably is for most of you.

For some time now I have been having issues wearing my wedding rings. Really, ever since I was pregnant. Underneath the band, my skin has been seriously irritated to the point that I had to get a Doctor's help! No matter how much lotion or creme or neosporin or whatever I tried will help. I would leave my rings off for a couple weeks, but then put them back on and it would just get worse.

Finally, Hart's mom visited her dermatologist and told him all about what was going on and he gave me some new rules I have to live with for awhile.
  1. No hand jewelry for 4 months. If it is still a problem, I will come in and he will decide what else to do. 
  2. Constantly apply moisterizers/lotions/hand creams. 
  3. Wear gloves while doing dishes/cleaning. 
My first thought was FOUR MONTHS!!! What!!! But, I want to get better and so I bought myself some fun dish gloves to make me feel better!
Maybe, I will wear these all the time instead of my wedding rings...jk. So, yes, don't hit on me. I'm still married to my beloved, Hart Traylor!

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