Hart's Memories - Post 5


So I, Hart, have been cleaning up my Google Reader (deleting blogs I no longer read, or blogs that people no longer update, etc) and I came across 2 blogs I had actually forgotten about because they haven't been updated in forever. What a punk right? Start a blog, post some decent things, and then never update it again. Lame. Oh but wait. Those 2 blogs were blogs I started and never kept up with! Actually most of the posts in them are not that good, but there were a couple that I thought would be fun if over the next coming days I post (or I guess re-post) them for you to read. To read past memories, click here.

Matt's Street Boys
(Originally Posted on Friday, March 7, 2008)

This is me (in the yellow shirt) and 4 other guys from RUF performing a special Valentines Day song. The song is called "Shape of My Heart" by the Backstreet Boys. (The RUF college minister at the time was Matt Lucas...hence "Matt's Street Boys")

Sorry for the poor sound and video quality. And also I'm really sorry for the poor singing quality of us all! There is one part where we sound like zombies moaning!

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