Side Pain


So, please keep me, Vanessa, in your prayers! I had a slight abdominal pain a couple weeks ago and it just lasted one day and went away. However, it came back, same pain, same area again and is still with me. I went to my internal medicine doctor and will be going to my gastroenterologist soon for more of a work up. My doctor today almost made me do a CT scan, but decided to just do lab work and let my gastro doc decide the plan of action. I will know more after that. I am not in excruciating pain or unable to do anything, but it is just kind of "with me". Until then, I am on a low-fiber (residue) diet and have to push fluids. Cookies are on my new it looks like No Sweets November is coming to an end for me! haha!

I just am a huge believer in prayer and know that God answers them, so I wanted to let all my friends know so they will pray for me that it is nothing serious with no kind of intestinal blockage or any kind of inflammation issue going on!

Again, I am honestly fine at this point, not in any excruciating pain or unable to do anything, but just need to figure out what exactly it is! Thanks so much!

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