Straws and Diapers and Nods


STRAWS: Today, Micaiah learned how to drink from a straw! I had to blog it, so I could remember the day. I know it seems silly to some, but for some reason this was a BIG thing for us! It was exciting to see him FINALLY (after months of trying to get him to suck UPwards) drink out of a cup with a straw! We ate at Casa Linda, my favorite Mexican restaurant, where every time he would drink up from the straw he would then NOD his head YES like he liked it.

NODS: He's been nodding his head YES when he likes something for a few days now...I realized that I do this when I want him to like something he is eating, so now I'm trying to explain that nodding your head actually means YES. That might take a few more months! haha!

DIAPERS: Today at Target I bought a box of size 5 diapers for my just turned 1 year old. Is that not hilarious? He's 25 lbs 10 oz. We were having the worst leaks with Huggies size 4s and finally I was DONE with them! Target diapers seam to run a tad bigger, but I think they are perfect  for nighttime.

Coming from a mom, I would kind of like to ask the diaper making companies why they give you a lesser amount of diapers when you move up a size, but still cost the same...Do they really think that your baby pees any less? I's not like the bigger diaper = less diaper changes or less pee. Please explain this to me.

So, a fun day in the life as get a kick out of your kid drinking from a straw for the first time, you think he is precious when he nods his head YES, and you buy diapers, bigger ones that still cost the same as the smaller ones, but there are less in the box. Yes, I believe this is normal.

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