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I realized that I didn't blog here at all last week! Oops! Basically, last week was a "get back into our routine" week after getting home from the beach!

I took Micaiah to the gym a few times. His separation anxiety was so bad at the beach that I thought taking him to the nursery at the gym would be good for him, but he did fine at the gym and didn't hardly cry at all. I think the problem at the beach was his ears, for sure. He probably felt just horrible and was acting out worse, because the pain wasn't under control and he was in a new place.

Now that we are adjusted back to being home and we are on our last set of antibiotics (before we have to visit the ear doctor). Pray he won't have any more ear troubles!  I can honestly say that life is GOOD! I feel truly blessed when I look at our life right now. God just amazes me with his provision and both Hart and I are loving this little boy we have been given from the Lord. Hart and I just laugh at the little person he is becoming. It's pretty awesome to watch him grow.

Now I also know why they say the first year is the hardest. It is constantly changing and things are UP and DOWN and you have no idea what is going on half the time, but now at a year, it feels more normal and settled, like you imagine life with a kid being.

We also visited my sweet friend, Lauren, who had Liam two months ago! I finally made it over to her side of Cola (that's slang for Columbia...you outside of SC bloggers) to see that sweet little boy! Look how cute he is!
Is that face not completely precious? Lauren is a friend that I met in college at USC. She and I both tried to witness to each other and realized we were both Christians. It was pretty funny! That formed a friendship that has remained! She's such a beautiful mommy!
Then, we had a pretty normal rest of the week where I cleaned and cooked and did the mommy/wife stuff! The cooking part is kind of interesting right now, because Hart was having some issues that have been going on for a little while and his doctor has taken him off of Dairy for 2 weeks to see if it will improve things. I am doing it with him for moral support and NO CHEESE has been NO fun! I'm going shopping today to get him some substitutes! Hopefully he isn't actually allergic to the dairy, because this no milk lifestyle isn't my favorite...or his!

This weekend was absolutely beautiful! Hart installed a new ceiling fan in our bedroom and did some yard work. I decorated for Fall, and mostly we did a lot of Micaiah's favorite things.

Like Riding in his Cozy coupe...
Micaiah loves this car his PaPa got him for his Birthday! He gets in and out of it constantly! We push him around in it and he will just sit in it just to sit in it. He loved to watch Hart throw the ball to Abe.

Also, Micaiah is loving his Tire Swing his MiMi and Pops made for him! So am I!
Hart can push us SO high. I mean scary high! It is awesomely fun! And Micaiah thinks it is awesome!

Another favorite is practicing WALKING! He is getting so close! He loves to push his walking toys around and will just smile at himself walking, even when he runs into the wall!
The last current favorite would be looking at books! I'm so glad that I kept reading to Micaiah despite his lack of interest this last year, because he is really starting to enjoy listening to stories and reading books. I remember, it would be so discouraging at times, because he would just try to close the book or swat it away, but now he loves to sit in my lap and look at the pages. He pulls all the books off the shelf by himself when playing in his room and when I finish a book, he will point to the shelf for me to get another one. It's so cute!

These are his top 5 favorites right now:
{Thanks,  Stephanie!}
{One I picked up from Sam's...Hart often reads this one in a country accent...priceless}
{From his Uncle Tyler and Anne-Marie! He loves this one with dogs, too!}
{I'm pretty sure this one is a favorite, because he can pet all the animals...anything that has flaps or areas to touch are a favorite!}
{I might have to buy this one...we currently are renting over and over from the library! He loves the Peek-a-boo page}
It's funny how they develop a preference for things at this age and have favorite pages or things they like to do! I love watching him grow and I have to admit that this stage is really nice!

This week I am planning on focusing on my family more and not being consumed in blog land or wasting time on the internet! I want to make a conscious effort to read my Bible more and being an intentional mom/wife! Do you guys have specific plans in mind?!

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