Pringles with a dose of Spaghetti


We were busy this past weekend! We did a date night swap this past weekend with our good friends, Paul and Merideth! They came over and watched Micaiah and their son Thatcher on Friday night, so Hart and I could go out to Miyo's and see the movie Courageous and then I kept the babies on Saturday, while they all (together, but separately) went to the USC game! Hart enjoyed the win over Kentucky 54 - 3! And I enjoyed some pretty cute babies! (hilarious video to come AFTER we get upgraded internet tomorrow)

Micaiah also got into and enjoyed his share of Pringles!
Is that face not a...." caught me mom!" He also took a bath in his spaghetti tonight at dinner!
A REAL bath was in order....he wasn't so sure...
Micaiah loved riding on top of Hart's shoulders.
He's so gangsta. I love those two men up there! Sooo handsome!

And if you are wondering what I am up to during the week, I generally blog over at my Designs by Sessa blog. I am {this} close to getting my etsy store up and running with things I sew to help people's adoptions! Besides keeping my house clean and going to the gym, I like to craft, sew, and design stuff. Subscribe over there to see things I make like our new oven chalkboard in place of some yucky plexi glass!
 Especially stay tuned this week as I am about to dive head first into my first sewing challenge! Come root me on and be my chearleader as I sew daily 1 hour a day for 7 days! I have a whole project list ready, so come join the fun! 

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