Fall Decorations


I love Fall and decorating! I love that God lays out the gospel in things like the seasons of the year. The Fall reminds me of sin and the first fall (away from God) to ever happen. Winter reminds me of brokenness, barrenness and Christ's death on the cross, and then there is Spring that reminds me of victory in Jesus and new life everlasting with him. It's just so beautiful to be physically reminded by God of his loving good news! Are you the same?

I'm not really sure how I aquired so many fall type decorations, but with both of my mothers (Jane and Linelle) in life, I have, and this year, I put more effort into making things look "pretty" and I didn't spend anything.

The Living Room, Over the TV:
I'm loving these shelves, because I can change them out constantly!
I should have cropped these...sorry I wasn't in a photo editing mood!

Other shelf in Living Room:
This year, I kept things simple with a leaf here and there and some rope that was in our utility room.

The  dining table:
My mom went to NC and brought home these beautiful gourdes!
And a simple wicker placesetting, wooden napkin ring and a leaf dress up these yellow napkins for Fall!
Do you like decorating for Fall or do you think it is tacky/purposeless? We kind of get into Fall/Christmas around here!

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