Conversations Between H & V


Sometimes I wish you could be a fly on the wall in our house. Some of our conversations are a sit com waiting to happen. I shared a conversation when I stole some neighbor's apples walking one day. I promise I didn't MEAN to.

The Scene: Buddled in a sweatshirt and covered with a blanket in our Living Room with NO heat turned on in our house yet.

V: We should try to make it to December without turning our heat on. (Thinking about that time I somehow lived with 4 of my best college roommates in an apartment where Henry McMaster, Attorney General Of SC and our landlord, didn't turn our heat on in our building until February.)
H: Ok! Let's Do it! 
V: Yeah, you know...No Sweets November, No Shave November, No Heat November! A NO November!!


The Scene: 7:30 am, under 2 sets of covers in bed...Hart out of bed getting ready for Church.

V: Hart, will you please turn the heat on...I can't get out of bed. It's too cold! 
H: I thought you didn't want any heat on until December. 
V: That's crazy talk. I lied.

I MAY be a little dramatic...

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