Map Complete


When Hart and I got married, Hart brought a little hobby to it that I did NOT know about. Remember these maps that you collect all 50 state's quarters?
Uh, huh...that was it. I opened it one day and responded with a look of disgust, "What is THIS!?" It had been lurking in the top of our spare closet.

H: "Oh, that's my coin collection!"
V: "Your WHAT?"
H: " grandparents gave me that before they died and I just kept finding the quarters to put in them."

Okay...kind of sweet. I admit it, but still, this is completely my ammo for when Hart makes fun of Gilbert (my redneck home town).

Hart began this collection the Christmas of 2000. It was their gift right before passing away. And it is finally complete!!!

Go, Hart! Eleven years did it! You completed your coin collection!!!! And quite well, I might add. He not only has all 50 States, but also most U.S. Territory Quarters AND the District of Columbia Quarter, too! LOL!!!!
I am absolutely certain that those of you that don't know us and read our blog are going to think we are completely crazy with our love of hog racin' and 50 State Quarter collecting!

Hart came to me very excitedly thinking that he had completely finished this hobby the other day, when I said..."What about Wyoming?" He had one more to go...

However, have no fear, because TODAY on October 30, 2011, Hart found that last Wyoming Quarter on our couch that must have been in our Laundry somehow. Nonetheless, this is one happy 50 State Quarter Collecting Man.
Oh, man, I love him. You just have no idea. It also makes me wonder what kinds of wierd hobbies you people have out there!!!

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