Naomi's 1st Birthday Party


Our sweet niece, Naomi, celebrated her 1st Birthday this past weekend! We love her so much! We had such a great time at her party! Here are some pictures from our sweet time together!
She had the cutest cupcakes that her Aunt Mary made for her! Mary is so talented!

At the beginning of the summer, I found a doll stroller on the side of the road. No lie. I put it in the back of MY stroller and pushed us home. I wanted to fix it up for Naomi and this is how it turned out! I love it! And so did she!

MiMi and Pops gave Naomi her tire swing this weekend! They spent so much time and effort making these awesome swings for their grandbabies! I know they are just going to LOVE them!

The babies checked out the swing! MiMi and Pops thought of EVERYTHING. This tire swing has a waterproof/rot proof wooden platform in the bottom of it, reflectors, a bell, a wind chime, 2 wind socks all attached to it, along with our last names on them! It's not your average joe tire swing, no sir!
Naomi had the cutest 1st cake! It's made from the Wilton's Giant Cupcake pan! (We are using it this coming weekend for Cai's party, too!)

We sang "Happy Birthday" and let Naomi dig in... Despite the awesome cake, Naomi wasn't so sure once she tasted it and busted out into the most adorable wail at the surprising taste!

Later, however, she dove right in with her own fork and enjoyed it!
We all went outside after the guys hung up the tire swing and tried out the swing! It was sturdy enough for me to sit on!

The birthday girl in her swing!

Cai's off in a daze here, but don't they look so precious together?!

We are so blessed to have these sweet babies in our lives! Thank Jesus for these little 1 year olds! I can't believe it has actually been a year that we have had these little blessings in our lives!
On to Cai's celebrations this coming weekend! :)

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