Cai is One!


It is true, Micaiah is 1! All I could think about yesterday was that exactly one year ago, our lives were handed the biggest blessing of all. Our lives changed dramatically and by 7:32 am, the doctor handed my husband our little bundle of joy.
That was our first family photo and a moment that I will never forget! I remember not even knowing what to say, because I just couldn't believe that I was his mommy and Hart was his daddy. We were instantly in love.

Here's Micaiah's Fievel year in review!
One Month {This just cracks me up! Why didn't I have him all swaddled and warm looking?}
Two Months {We nursed a LOT that first month! He beefed up, alright!}
Three Months {What a cutie!}

Four Months (this link is for the 1st four months summary post) {Oh yeah, Stylin' in his Jean daiper...all babies should wear these!}

Five Months {Valentine's day...I was his Valentine!}
Six Months {Such a fun and happy baby at 6 months, very curious, too!}
Seven Months {Too hot in these fleece pajamas, hence the red cheeks!}
Eight Months {Watch out, ladies! Hot stuff at Eight Months!}
Nine Months {Growin' on up!}

Ten Months {You can tell when I started doing my own photo editing...Haha, sure makes a difference!}

11 Months {Fun little boy is all I can say!}
One Year!
One Year Old is not too different from 11 months, except just for doing lots more!
We are working on our whole milk transition! Let me tell you...I canNOT believe we actually nursed for an entire, very, very, very long year. I'm glad for you breastfeeding moms that just loved every moment. Did I enjoy a lot of it? You betcha', but it was also very taxing emotional and physically and while I am sad that my baby won't be a baby anymore, I think I'm looking forward to some freedom in this area.
Right now, we are working on moving over to whole milk, which he really likes. Thank, Jesus! I am still nursing morning & evening right now, but have moved to whole milk at lunch & snack time. I plan to drop another feed in another week or so. Thus far, I haven't cried about stopping nursing, but when I start to think about it, I actually have to think different thoughts, because facing the fact that my baby isn't really a baby is just too hard to think about.
Micaiah is 25 lbs even. 98th percentile for height at 34 and 3/4 inches, and 90th for weight and head circumference! Glad he is proportionate!
He is still mostly crawling his funny little crab crawl, but he is pulling up on everything, cruising around on furniture, and will do the occasional walk behind a push toy. I feel like walking isn't too far off, for us, but I am fine that he is taking his time with it! I know it will go from walking to running FAST!
He is happy most of the time, demanding like his mama, and thoughtful and inquisitive like his daddy. We just recently watched a home video of myself and heard me cry on the VHS. Both Hart and I were shocked. Cai has the exact.same.cry! It was identical to my cry. Pretty funny! We also had the "Oh, no!" thought, because you all know that I'm quite the little Miss Bossy/High Maintenance person, but then again, we kind of knew he would be like this from his colicky beginning!
Cai is getting more vocal. His "words" that we are starting to recognize are "DaDa", "dog", "duck", "cat", and "juice". He signs "all done" and "please." He uses "please" for "more". He now reaches out towards what he wants and points to it, will sign please asking for it. He understands a lot at this point. He really understands "NO!" and "Spanking!" (I threaten the spanking, a little smack on the hand or leg, when he is being crazy on the changing table). He absolutely HATES getting his diaper changed right now. Every time it is a struggle, but getting slightly better, hopefully.
 He does this face when he isn't sure of something or doesn't like something.
Pretty hilarious, right?
He loves to give a High 5, clap his hands, play with Abe, swing, watch TV, look through books, etc.
Watching "Homeward Bound" - a Bday gift from Mommy & is a movie of nothing, but dogs running is genius!
Swinging in his new Tire Swing!!
On Saturday we celebrated his 1st Birthday Paw-ty!
It was a lot of fun. You can click here to access the entire album from my Facebook, even if you don't do facebook, you can see the pictures.
He devoured his cake! He was very timid at first, but obviously enjoyed it!
Micaiah got more presents that I could have imagined! It was CRAZY! Our family and friends were so generous! We will be having a very SMALL Christmas for him, because he got enough presents for 5 children! Thank you to EVERYONE! You guys are the sweetest!
To let you know what all was in this gracious pile...I know you are curious:
  • Mr. Potato Head
  • DOG book
  • Hide & Seek JoJo Rabbit
  • PUPPY FUN BASKET - dog, dog toy, dog plates, Poky Puppy book, sunglasses
  • Tire Swing, train blocks set
  • Matthew 4:19 collage artwork by Miss Elizabeth Daley
  • clothes, clothes, clothes
  • Carolina Jersey, Homeward Bound DVD
  • Cars sippy cup, Tigger, "Walk the Dog" Book
  • Disney Read and Grow Library (20 books)
  • Money for his savings account
  • Pull Dog Toy
  • Tumblekins Farm play set
  • Cosco Umbrella Stroller w/canopy
  • Play guitar & noise maker, microphone, sunglasess to rock out like daddy
  • Cozy Coupe Car
  • Riverbanks Zoo Membership
  • Adventure play tent and tunnel
  • PJs & another outfit
  • Build a Bear Surfer Bear Stuffed animal
Is that not insane for a one year old? Plus our sweet friends brought food to share at the party and everyone had a great time swimming! We were totally blown away and felt so loved! Thanks again everyone!
It was a special day full of loving family and friends! Our baby is one! Happy Birthday little boy!

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