Before I was a MOM...


Tonight, Hart and I immaturely thought that we could take a baby to a sit down restaurant and actually enjoy a meal. Fussy baby leaving the house SHOULD have been my cue to stay in. However, we "new" parents left anyways and thought, "How bad can it be?!"

It really wasn't terrible, but we didn't stay long enough to enjoy a meal and we ordered everything to-go by the time it was actually time to order. I went through all my back-up options in the first 5 minutes sitting down and there was nothing left to do, but distract by walking around other people sitting enjoying a meal. Poor Hart was left with the calamari while Cai and I headed out to enjoy the outside.

A friend sent me this link of what it is like to eat in a nice restaurant with the kids. It's hilarious. Pretty much our story.

Leaving prematurely was just one instance in a series of instances lately where I have felt like I have completely changed as a person. I am truly a MOM.

It's not that I haven't embraced the inner mom in me, but I hadn't embraced the I-just-washed-my-hair-in-Johnson's&Johnson's Vanilla Oatmeal, because it smells delicious, mom and I don't want baby to tear up in our joint shower OR the I-just-applied-50-SPF-sunscreen, because it is the only kind I buy anymore, mom. Or maybe that I had $50 to spend completely on myself and I still managed to buy the niece and son 5 pairs of shoes between them. They were only $.62 for CUTE Target flip flops!

Last summer, I shopped for myself in the cute trendy section. This summer, I shop for my baby in the cute trendy clearance section. Last summer, I laid by the pool and read a book, basking in the sun covered in tanning oil (hot pregnant lady style). This summer, I'm chasing a crawler AROUND the pool and haven't sat down to read a book in the sun even once. Who does that R word anymore? Relax? What is THAT!?

Last summer, I knew life would change, but here I am and sometimes I can't believe how different life really is almost 1 year later! Good different, of course, but very we-now-have-a-kid-different!

I don't know why it seems so surprising, but sometimes it just is. Do you ever feel that way? It's true. I'm a mom. Really, a M.O.M.

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