The Mather Company Grand Opening Photos


Look who is getting to forward face in his car seat! Go ahead and tell me that it is 5 x safer for my baby to rear face and I'm a bad mom for flipping him around already... Have you seen my child? He's as big as a 2 year old. Hubby told me that he was as tall as Charlie Gerlach at church on Sunday. I half-way believe him.
Looking mighty fine in his Osh Kosh Shirt his Noni gave him for his Birthday! I was so excited to put flannel on him! It is only 65 degrees today! Yesterday it was 95. South Carolina is wierd, I know.

In all honesty, we had planned to rear-face him for longer, but we just switched cars with my mother-in-law, so that we can drive her car to the beach this week. We moved our Britax for the first time since installing it in our Blazer and we thought it would be fun to flip him around while I tended to him in the car driving to the beach and her car is older and the anchoring system was a little bit of a challenge to figure out. He really thought it was pretty fun and could tell it was different. He kept doing that smirky face up there.

Anyways, I got my hair cut today and we drove over to The Mather Company's Grand Opening of their office building on Devine Street! My husband is VP of his best friend's real estate company! They love working together and are so blessed by God with this amazing 4,000 sq. foot building in an AWESOME location! They have been open, just the two of them for 2 years, recently were able to buy this building and are now expanding and  hiring agents. They have started a rental property management side of the company! Keep praying for their business, which is being blessed constantly by the Lord despite the terrible economy!

Today, they held a FREE LUNCH and had quite the turn out! In the hour that we were there, all kinds of people stopped in and grabbed some hot dogs and hamburgers off the grill. They gave out free t-shirts, koozies, pens, and other items.
Sorry for the bad picture quality. The lens kept fogging up! This is Sandy's (secretary for The Mather Company) husband who is a Federal police officer at Fort Jackson! He manned the grill!

While I was there, my sweet friend Brianne stopped by! Thanks for coming girl friend!

There's Charlie, who got voted THE BEST REALTOR of 2011 by The State Newspaper! We are all so proud of him and the great job he does in serving Columbia and surrounding areas!
And their new sign! I just love their sign! I think it is so fun how they made it look like a for sale sign! So clever!

The scene...

Micaiah loved Brianne's name tag.

It was a great event! Visit to find out more! Did you like that commercial?

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