Loving the Beach!


We are having a great time at the beach so far! Right before heading down to the beach, we found out that Micaiah had an ear infection, so it was a little bit of a rocky start with him, but I think now on Day 3 everything is smoothing out with him and being a little sick! Thankfully, he is taking good naps today and feeling rested!

The day we arrived we didn't get in until almost 6 pm and it was pretty grey and dreary, but by the following afternoon, the sunshine broke through the clouds and it has been glorious! Mid 80's, a cool breeze, and the ocean! I'll take it!

Here's our house.
There are 16 people sharing this cute little house and 3 one year olds + one 4 year old! It's been so much fun! By night 2, we had all figured out the best sleeping arrangements for everyone and all got better rest! We are all convinced that going to the beach in September is perfect. There aren't many people around, so the beaches feel private, and the weather is just right! Ocean Isle is a really clean beach with almost clear water. It's a close second to our beloved Fripp Island!

Our view from the porch.
Micaiah wasn't sure what to think about the sand at first.
But, before long we were digging for shells
And trying out the water
Last summer, we only had two sets of feet in the sand...now there are 3 and we feel totally blessed.
Later in the afternoon, Micaiah was acclimated to the beach and he was chase crawling after the birds!
Naomi and Micaiah have been playing and enjoying everything!
I think Naomi loves the beach, at least the actual ocean water, more than Micaiah! She was soooo excited to be in the ocean!

The guys are enjoying playing bocci ball all over the beach!

In the evenings we all come in and enjoy the inside, eating, and playing music and games!
Love that they are "sharing"!

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