Pediatrician on Vacation


To say Micaiah has been the fussiest member of the house this week would be an understatement. I literally would walk 2 feet away from him and he would go into hysterics. Something was wrong. He wasn't happy and I didn't know what to do.

Last week, we took him to his 1 year appointment and our doctor discovered an ear infection in one ear. He was put on an antibiotic and since he hadn't had one since April, we decided to see how the antibiotics would do again for him. Day 5 on the antibiotic things were worse and he was miserable. The first day on the beach, he loved everything about it. Yesterday, he hated it, unless I was right by his side, and even then it took some coaxing.

After another fussy morning, I decided to call our pediatrician back in Columbia. Our nurse felt like he should be better by now and to take him somewhere if we could. After some google searches we found a pediatrician that would take our insurance AND see him within the hour. What a blessing!

While he did seem to be in a better mood after his nap this am, we went anyway and are so glad we did! Micaiah's ear infection had gotten worse and now he had a double ear infection. We weren't getting him wet or anything. He has had a runny nose and it has been thick and mucousy. I know, gross.

They gave him a Rosefrin shot and switch antibiotics and just after the shot Micaiah is feeling SO. much. BETTER! He's giggling and happy and not in pain like before! Praise the LORD! We are staying in off the beach today to rest and get healthy, but I thought I would share a few more beach pics from yesterday! What can I say...blogging is my brings me joy, even on vacation!
I love this husband of mine! He is such a good daddy! While some may think that you aren't really "on vacation" while on vacation as a stay at home mom, I have this guy that is making things easy! It's nice to have him giving out snack and changing diapers....he let me sleep in this morning...I would say I have a keeper!
One of my most favorite things about yesterday was playing with this sweet cousin, Carly!
We played with sand toys, made a sea turtle out of sand, ran around splashing on the beach, and played "Run, Stop, Model" - a dance game where instead of "Red Light, Green Light" you "model". It's pretty hilarious with a 4 year old.
 I'm in love with her Ikat bathing they make one in my size?
She was cracking me up, because she would go lie down in this kiddie pool and say things like, "Ah, this is the good life."
After we have had enough of the beach, we head up to the porch and hang out with the family. 
Naomi loves Cai's glasses! 

And as soon as Hart picks up the guitar, these babies crawl over and can't get enough! 
We are too blessed! Thank you Jesus for all these family members and this time at the beach!

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