Multitude Monday


After a week of a million things I could be thankful for, I'm kind of bummed that this is all I wrote down from last week. As I am getting started with this, I have realized that I only write things down where I seem to stop, gaze a moment and actually marvel or think about how thankful I am for this particular thing. Some of the lists that I read on my blogs are more like weekly recaps, which I do love, but for me, this list is going to be what makes me pause, breathe a little less, or moments I wish I could stop time for and take in longer and longer. I'm praying that the things I take for granted all the time change into being more beautiful.

3. a healthy body that is able to work out
4. having long hair
5. fireflies that light up at dusk in our backyard
6. a husband that leaves me just enough milk for cookies we made together
7. little chubby baby boy fingers so plump & wrinkly

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