Fisher-Price High Chair Reviews


We were given 2 high chairs and then I purchased the one I really wanted. I thought I would share for you new moms out there. We were given a cloth high chair that stands alone. A Fisher-Price Space Saver, and then we purchased a booster.

I wish Fisher-Price would pay me to review their items, because I really enjoy most of their products for my baby! I told you about OUR CUP that is made by Fisher-Price and only found at the Dollar General store, but now I have another Fisher-Price love and that is..... the Healthy Care Deluxe Booster.
It is about $22 online and $25 in stores. Totally affordable! It straps onto a chair and you can pack it up and travel with it, take it to your favorite restaurant or easily to someone's house. It is rated #3 of all booster seats. I actually found another version at Burlington Coat Factory on sale for $14 and I am so pleased. It is also REALLY easy to clean. We had a cloth covered high chair someone had given us and food was always getting mushed into the chair padding. I hated that! The one that we have doesn't have the snap off tray and cover as shown below, which I would have really loved, but it works just the same.

You can find it in blue:
or pink:

It's a great product! I also loved using the Fisher-Price Space Saver, which is now at my MIL's house.
It comes in at around $60. This is the high chair we started out with, but it is hard to take with you to a restaurant or over to someone else's house! I like that it reclines and you can wipe it clean, as well. You buckle it onto a dining room chair and for staying at your house, it is a GREAT product as well! The booster gives you versatility to travel, while the Space Saver is just a great high chair to have at your house. If you are going to pick ONE, the booster would probably meet all of your needs.

 Okay, Fisher-Price... I'd like my check please! Or at the very least...send me the snap on tray to go on the one I already own. Thanks!

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