Conversations Between H & V


Friday, Hart came home from work and this is how one of the conversations we had went. I'm totally telling on myself, but it was kind of funny.

Hart: "Where did those apples come from? (referring to several laying on the counter).
Vanessa: "On our walk I picked some from this person's apple tree. They had so much fruit it was just falling off their tree, and they weren't obviously going to pick any of it."
Hart: "So, you stole someone's apples?"
Vanessa: "Well, when you put it THAT way....eeh, I guess.....I did."
Hart: "What is it with women taking fruit that they shouldn't."

We both got a good laugh and by the way, the apples were NASTY! No wonder they didn't pick any of it from the tree! If they had been good, then I was planning on asking them if I could pick a whole bunch to make jam or something, but like I said, they were disgusting and if you must know....I won't be stealing anyone else's apples.

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